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                                                     MOST RECENT  

                                      Oils, Watercolors and Drawings

These are the most current paintings and drawings completed and in progress. I moved to Oregon from Kauai 7 years ago and have been painting only half time. So, still getting up to speed, some of these are sold.  Esteban  7/8/2018

                                Song of Julia  ~Watercolor 14x19 " Sold

                                 Balance ~ Watercolor  11x16"  $675.

              Camellia with Bees ~ Watercolor 13 x17" Sold

  The Healer, Kauai Rainforest Kokee. ~Watercolor 24 x 36"   Sold

  The Reach,  Drawing on Paper  18 x 26"    Sold

   Andréanne ~ Watercolor  22 x 25" Framed  $850.


Summer Solstice, Kauai ~ Oil   12 x 19"   2009   Sold

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