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Metal Print from Original Watercolor - Naka'ahiki 1  Kauai.

These Prints are a Luminous Gicle'e (pigmented ink archival print) on a hard sheet of aluminum.* Please note- full image on the shop page. Can't seem to load it here without getting cropped on her head. Second image shows top of print. Finished print shows feet and clouds above her head.  Signed and numbered on back. Ready to hang no frame needed, floats 3/4" off wall. Ultra hard glasslike finish is waterproof and easy to clean. 12 x 20"     * Available in Gicle'e archival paper print also. 

Naka'ahiki 1 ~ Metal Print 12 x 20"

  • Ships USPS priority or FedEx Insured. 

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